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Focus Group prides itself as being reputable sales recruiters, providing clients with the option to find a candidate best suited to their open position. Specialist consultants with extensive knowledge in the sales industry will work alongside you to gather an understanding of your needs and requirements. From here, a solution will be devised in order to start the recruitment process and begin finding viable candidates. Consultants will provide you with a one-to-one service and support throughout your recruitment process, ensuring that you are happy with the outcome. The Focus Group team are dedicated to developing personal relationships, and a large majority of our clients return for future recruitment needs.

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Sales Manager Recruitment

Being responsible for leading and guiding teams, it is vital that you employ a sales manager that adds value to your business. For this reason, Focus Group provides a high-quality and expert sales manager recruitment service, finding you viable candidates that are not only suited to the role, but also your business. To ensure that only the best candidates are put forward, Focus Group will provide the following services:

Pre-Employment Screening

Ensuring that applicants abide by your business regulations, whether it be health and safety or personal guidelines, the pre-employment screening gives you that added peace of mind. Clients are able to choose from a selection of screenings and background checks, such as checks, testing and verifications that the person you are employing is who they say they are.

Digital Interviewing

Learn more about your applicants with pre-screening through digital interviewing. Here, you are able to ask questions to potential candidates through live video or ask applicants to record their answers. This reduces your recruitment time, as you can devise a list of candidates you would like to spend more time getting to know in a formal, face-to-face interview.

Full Vetting

Upon your request, Focus Group will carry out full vetting of a candidate on your behalf. This may include various different forms of vetting, from convictions and verifying licenses to references and certificates of qualifications. The vetting process can take anything from two to four weeks, depending on the type of vetting you wish to carry out.

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