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Digital Interviewing allows you to quickly and effectively interview larger volumes of candidates, helping you to narrow your favourites down to come in and meet face-to-face. Rather than wasting time in an interview, you can ask some initial questions through a live video, or post the questions to potential candidates for them to record answers at their own convenience. All you and your candidates will require is a laptop, tablet, mobile or any other device that allows them to access a camera, making it more personal and engaging than a telephone interview.

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Digital Interviewing Process

When using our digital interviewing process, you can easily determine whether a candidate is right for the position or not. Sometimes a CV isn’t enough to understand the type of person your candidate is, whereas a digital interview eliminates this, giving you a chance to see the applicant. It is extremely simple and easy to use, containing just four steps:

Developing Questions

Your consultant will help you to generate questions that they believe will give you a better insight into the candidate and their suitability, making it easier to decide whether the candidate is right for the position.

Inviting Candidates

From the list of suitable candidates that your consultant has found, you can pick a handful to invite to your digital interviewing, stating a time and date the interview will be, or when they will need to hand in a video.

Is The Candidate Right?

After the interview, you can score your candidates on how well they performed, weighing up the pros and cons of each individual to make a decision on which ones you would like to hear from again.

Invite For A Second Interview

After making a list of all the candidates you see fit to take up the position within your business, your consultant can invite the candidate back for a face-to-face interview at a date and time suited to you.

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