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When working with Focus Group, you will be matched with a specialist consultant that knows what type of candidate your sector of work requires. This consultant will visit you in your business environment to gather a better understanding of your personal needs and requirements.

From here, your consultant will help you to develop a job specification that will be distributed on various platforms to find suitable candidates. These candidates will be brought in for your consultant to decide whether they are a sensible fit before sending them to you.

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Efficient Searching

Finding Candidates.

Finding a viable candidate is made easier through the thorough process that each candidate will have to go through before they move onto the interviewing stage. Focus Group works on the basis that quality is better than quantity, so would rather provide you with a handful of exceptional candidates rather than many who are not a suitable fit. Before being passed on to you, candidates will be:

  • Thoroughly vetted
  • Pre-screened
  • Pre-interviewed
  • Suitability checked
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