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Equality & Diversity In Focus Group Recruitment.

Focus Group believes that a versatile working environment is what makes a business strive in success, and therefore, works hard to include equality and diversity when finding candidates to suit roles. Positions should be filled by the most realistic and suited candidate, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability, age or sexuality. For this reason, Focus Group will not discriminate against candidates and will provide clients with those that we see fit for the job. Those with the appropriate skills, experience and work attitude will be considered for job roles, ensuring that clients see only the best of the best.

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Fair & Equal Chances

Achieving Equality & Diversity

Where it is possible, our team will work with candidates, making adjustments to the recruitment process, to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of getting a job that suits their skill set. By doing this, we can filter out any disadvantages that those with a disability may face, such as inappropriate access to buildings. All of our employees have been fully trained and briefed on the discrimination laws, ensuring that they provide a fair, diverse and equal chance to every candidate. Recruitment practices are closely monitored to ensure that inclusion is continuously carried out by our team.

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